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We supply a wide range of catalysts for the refining and petrochemical industries. We offer a full package of Claus and Tail Gas Treating Catalysts, including Titania-CoMo Tail Gas Catalyst. We can offer high quality products that are backed up by excellent technical support, customer service and the swift responsiveness that is required in this branch of the petrochemical industry.

    Claus oxygen scavenger
    Sub-dewpoint TGTU
    SCOT-type TGTU


     We supply various types of adsorbents including Silica Gels and Molecular Sieves that are successfully and universally used in many drying and purification systems for gases
    and liquids. We offer a wide range of products to meet your specification / separation requirements.

    Key natural gas applications for the use of our Molecular Sieves are:
    • Drying
    • Contaminant removal
    • Sweetening
    • Adsorber Bed Protection
    • Dewpointing


    We are glad to offer the broadest line of activated carbons for oil and gas industry, with hundreds of standard products in granular, powdered, and extruded forms, made from diverse raw materials.

    Applications and Solutions for Oil and Gas Process Optimization:
    • Amine And Glycol Recovery
    • Condensate Treatment
    • Mercaptan Extraction And Fuel Sweetening
    • Gas Purification: Mercury Removal, Desulfurization Of Natural Gas, Pressure Swing Adsorption

    FILTer Elements

    We supply an extensive line of filter elements (bag filters, cartridge filters and etc.) for numerous industrial applications.


    We offer different types of process industrial filter units utilized in oil & gas, chemical and other industries.


    Magnetron offers a broad range of lubricants to meet the challenges of the oil and gas industry, providing highly specialized, inert, nontoxic lubrication solutions that perform even in extreme environments.
    We will work with you to understand your lubrication application, your critical issues and your operational needs.

    ION exchange resins

    We supply a broad range of ion exchange resins for water and wastewater treatment, including deionization, softening, metals removal, product purification, resource recovery, and pollution control, assuring customers get the most cost-effective approach to achieving their process goals.

    • Cation exchange resins (SAC, WAC)
    • Anion exchange resins (SBA, WBA)
    • Mixed Bed Resins
    • Specialty Resins

    Industrial Chemicals

    We distribute a wide variety of industrial chemicals for industrial purposes and serve special customer needs as well with individual solutions. Our services include advanced logistic and warehouse services, and we deliver required chemicals directly to your operating site.

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